​Darkness FALLS

Stories have circulated regarding the disappearance of people in the Rocky Mountain National Forest.  You and your fellow Investigative reporters have followed a lead and may have found an abandoned cabin at the center of these disappearances.

CAn You discover its secrets and Escape before Darkness Falls?

*Room gets progressively darker during game play

*Subject material may not be suitable for children. 

Great for Beginners!

helter Skelter

SHATTered Kingdom

Great for families!

In recent months, a mysterious serial killer who identifies himself as ‘The Revolutionary’ committed four ghastly murders around the United States.   
Working from a tip that was just anonymously reported to your agency, you and your team of detectives have arrived at a rented space that the Revolutionary has been using as his home base.  

Always one step ahead, The Revolutionary has prepared the entry door to lock from the outside, and now your team is trapped in the lair. In 60 minutes, The Revolutionary will return to commit his fifth gruesome crime, unless you can escape the serial killer’s lair. Good Luck!  

It's been almost a year since the Mad King has died. The kingdom is now shattered as he left no heir. His sense of humor was known throughout the land; in his will he declared: "Whosoever shall be the lucky soul to discover the forthcoming items and restore the Family Crest, shall be bestowed the title of King of the Realm."

You have 60 minutes to enter the castle and take the throne, before the castle guards make their rounds and capture you! May the gods be with you!